Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lebanon Party

I'll say one thing about media coverage of the anti-Syrian demonstrations those ladies are superfine. And of course is one of the reasons I plan to visit Lebanon and Syria when I go back to Saudi for Christmas. Beirut is a party and Damascus is supposed to be hellsza tight with its history, certainly far safer then going outside my camp in Saudi Arabia. Hell safer then American cities I suppose. I've only been to Jordan in that area but that is a really great place for any person who likes classical or ancient history (Jerash and Petra).

But anyway looks likes the inevitable is happening in Lebanon. Syria has been hard press to explain its presence in Lebanon since the Israeli occupiers left in 2000. Although it would be hard to call Syria's presence an occupation per se. No presence in cities and only 14000 troops in the Baeka Valley. Hell America alone has 30000 troops in Kuwait and we don’t consider that then occupation even though the situation is the same. (i.e. the American puppet government is okay with it but a large portion of the Kuwaiti people aren’t too impressed. And unlike Syria in Lebanon the America forces in Kuwait have been attacked.)

The funniest I thing I find about it is Bush's idiotic remarks. Has this man lost all grip on reality. I mean he says Syria's occupation of Lebanon destabilizes the Middle East. WOW. And Israel's 40 year subjugation and settlement of the West Bank and Gaza has done nothing but good then. The Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup at about the same time I hear Bush denounce Israel's disgusting state aggression and terrorism. And let's not forget a friggin American invasion and occupation which has killed over a 100,000 Iraqis. I'm sure the burning rubble of Falluja destabilizes the Middle East more then Syrian troops in the desert.

He also said the elections can't truly be free if Syria is still there. No shit Sherlock. That’s why American denounced all the Soviet sponsored 'elections' in Cold War Europe. At least Lebanon everyone will be able to vote. Try telling a Christian in Kirkrit or anyone in the Anbar province that the election was fair. It would be funny for sure. Iraqis yearn freedom from occupation as much as their Lebanese brethren but that won't be happening any time soon.

All I have left to say is poor Assad. The guy has lost his Lebanese bargaining chip in dealing with Israel. He was once able tell Sharon he would leave Lebanon, recognize Israel and grant security guarantees in return for the Syrian Heights (now known as the Golan). He'll only be able use the last two now but it wont matter Sharon refused to talk last time so they'll be no peace for Syria. He just can't do anything right in American eyes. Hell he gave them Saddam's half-brother and they still accuse him of helping the insurgency. It's not like Assad's regime got along well with Saddam hell Syria was the only Arab country to side with Iran in the Iraq-Iran war. Assad much prefers fellow Shiites being elected in Iraq then Saddam's erratic regime.

Oh well I hope to make it to Syria before Bush turns it into a Falluja style gorefest. Same with Iran all the people I know who have toured Iran have had good things to say. It is a great region which Bush is fucking up in his Great Game for strategic control over the Arab world and their resource wealth.


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