Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Horowitz's Garbage

This site may just be largest piece right wing hate filled drivel on the information super highway. Upon first viewing the page you learn about dangerous subversives of the Left with helpful photographs. Apparently Zarqawi is morally equivalent to Kofi Annan and the page just keeps on going with widely varying characters: John Kerry, the Ayatollah, Noam Chomsky, Mohummad Atta, Dennis Kucinich, Yasser Arafat and of course Michael Moore.

The bar on the left side of the page has various categories of undesirables. Apparently conservatives now openly hate- civil rights, feminism, anti-war (peace), organized labour, the environment, immigration, a select number of terrorist groups (long dead SLA members and Weathermen but Timothy Mc Viegh or his like dont make the cut), and my personal favorite- Islam.

Upon opening of the Muslim link I was somewhat surprised that most of them weren't very left wing being conservative fundamentalist religious zealots albeit they weren't too fond of America or Israel. Even better though is that you don’t even have to be a Muslim to get into this topic. As long as you’re an Arab then Horowitz considers that close enough.
Here are some of the Christians:

1. George Habash- He features prominently although with no mention of his Greek Orthodox upbringing. Leader of the Communist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) which is most noted for its hijackings and recently assassinated Israel's tourism minister.
2. Edward Said- Noted Author and Palestinian activist who almost had his books banned by Arafat's Palestinian Authority.
3. Hanan Ashrawi- Activist and former Palestinian cabinent minister.
4. James Zogby- Maronite Christian, pollster and one of the most visible Arab American leaders.
5. Jean Abi Nader- One of the Arab American Institute’s (AAI) directors.
6. Stephen Sosebee- head of the Palestine Childern Relief Fund (PCRF).
7. Bishara A. Bahbah- on broad of the PCRF.
8. Khalil Jahshan- Vice-President of the Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC).
9. Elias Rashmawi- Son of a bishop and national coordinator for the National Council of Arab Americans.
10. Hisham Sharabi- Recently deceased professor at Georgetown University.
11. Joesph Massad- Professor at Columbia University

There were others I couldn't confirm with Google including Yvonne Yazbeck-Haddad, Tariq Ali, Edward Omar Moad, Riad Hamad, Sahkr Habash, and Nimer Halima.

Now Horowitz could have put these largely peaceful characters (exception of George Habash) in his 'Anti-Israel' domian but instead they were lumped together with various and sometime obscure radical Islamist terrorists simply because they were Arabs who passionately fight (or fought) for the Palestinian cause. Personally I find these stereotyping and racist to sweep anyone uttering anti-Zionist rhetoric into the violent Islamic terrorist blacklist. I wonder what Horowitz thinks of his anti-Zionists co-religionists- here and here. Not doubt those rabbis are just more Muslim terrorists who hate us for our freedom.


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