Saturday, January 22, 2005

Arnie vs. Dubya

Damn I missed the inaugurapalooza television coverage. It reminds me how little distance we have come. There is little difference between a coronation of olde and this present one. Both are parties for the elites while people on the streets of DC or London starve. Of course I'm positive Kerry' inaugurapalooza would have had the same obscene waste of money but maybe slightly less security to keep the protesters away.

Anyway it seems some Austrians are upset at Arnie's very first execution. He's going to have to work a lot harder to beat the record of 152. Who set that record? Well before he was setting the deficits and job loss records George W. Bush manage to kill more people in his six years as governor of Texas than any other governor in American history. This is in sharp contrast to the Republican governor George Ryan of Illinois who commuted the death sentences of every person on the death row. Interestingly the Democrats tried to show how they could kill people just as well as Republicans and resisted this action. Anyway Ryan's enlightenment is in direct contrast to Bush's imitation of a death row inmate begging for her life. Wow I never did figure out how the Democrats managed to let that guy in office. But Bush is not as popular a Reagan and Clinton when they took their respective oaths. I guess.People often make a fuss about Saudi Arabia's love of public executions. Now I have been to these sites where they behead prisoners and certainly are gruesome but why would you complain about them if you’re okay with an execution behind closed doors. You’re saying its fine to kill people if we don’t see them die.

So in conclusion you can make a fuss over Arnie but I think Bush's record is much more disturbing.


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