Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Run of the Mill

mmmm not too exciting today although I did watch Drawn Together. Talk about political incorrectness- "those Muslims are so kooky, I mean have you read the Koran it's mostly knock-knock jokes and.... " Wow thats awesome and even better they dish it out on every conceviable group.

I did find this NDP blog it seems for the upcoming British Columbia elections called Strategic Thoughts. It appears fairly well done by a David Schreck. On Febuary 6th we will see who has secured the NDP nomination for my old riding of Malahat-Juan de Fuca either John Horgan or Juile Thomas. Horgan did email me though so I guess I'll endorse him. Hahahahah he'll win fo shore with this blogging empire behind him- man I got to gets some links up.

The babblers seem to think my riding will be a Fiberal one. I'm not sure about that prediction because it is on the island, there is no incumbent, there is a decent amount of union workers- teachers, ferryworkers, millworkers- and in the past Federal election held 6 months ago NDP's Jean Crowder won by over 6000 votes. And that larger federal riding includes the huge Cowichan reserve (Natives mostly vote fiberal I hear), a ton of old people (high turnout and are largely Conservatives I believe), and Saltspring Island (all loyal members of either the Green or Marijuana parties). Plus there will be less angry greenies around so the left wing vote wont be as fractured as last time. Also the Unity and Conservative Parties are apparently merging so that might help split the right wing vote. Although I think it would be tricky to be more right wing then the Campbell Liberals and not have the Parliament burnt down. Ah well those damn greenies if they just joined the NDP already British Columbia will not be touched by a right of centre party for a least a century. Here's my prediction: NDP slightly more then the Fiberals and the Green Party a fattie Zero.

Here's a Spectator article on Blair's Gitmo record- quite a damning I think. I believe the Spectator is a conservative rag but I am not positive. After sucking up to Blair throughout the Iraq great game, British Conservatives have finally seemed to realized that they are supposed to a opposition party not a rubber stamp organization like the American Donkey Party.


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