Tuesday, January 11, 2005

In Action (again)

Well this blog is up and running I hope. Although you could argue all day about the value of ranting on the "information highway but I guess that just makes me as crazy as the next guy eh? Right off the bat I'm going to counter a fraction of all those out of contr.ol American right wingers and perhaps some Canadian ones. Most of this will focus all foriegn policy issues.I'll start right off with the latest Ann Coulter column. I laugh my ass off every Wednesday evening after waiting breathless for a whole week. I am not going watse my time talking about every single claim she makes as racist and misleading as they often are.

My favorite one was on Hannity and Colmes where apparently the States shouldn't talk to Canada because they speak French. Wow and she likes Western Canada although she might be surprised to learn there are Social Democratic governments in two of the four Western provinces and British Columbia has had a few in recent years and most likely will have another soon. There is always Alberta but the fact there are four social democrat MLA's in the province speaks to the fact of how left wing Canada is compared to America. But here's the one the got me last week
American hero Pat Tillman won a Silver Star this year. But unlike Kerry, he did not write his own recommendation or live to throw his medals over the White
House fence in an anti-war rally.
Hmmm well Tillman is certianly an admirable character walking away from a 3.6 million football contract to join the Army but his Silver Star is another example of Army awarding a medal due to media coverage rather than valourous action. The precedant for this was Private Jessica Lynch winning a Bronze Star for Valor for being in a truck crash after trying to flee an ambush. If Tillman was in the Marines he wouldn't have gotta a Bronze Star of any type or even a Pirple Heart for being killed in a friendly fire incident which Coulter just happens to forgot to mention.

As for John Kerry he was as much as a benefactor of medal inflation as Pat Tillman. The excellant websites- David Hackworth and Soldiers for the Truth don't seem be working for me but here's a short article that illustrates how the USMC does not give out medals like candy although most Marine Divisions are on the frontlines doing the dirty work. The article does not metion the fact that the USMC has yet to hand out a Medal of Honor, Navy Cross or the Silver Star the top three adwards for valour. Although I'm sure that will change considering the November Fallujah battle with the case of Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta in particular. The Army has handed out at least 30 Silver Stars to date but Bronze Stars are the most glaring with the Marine Corps earning a couple hundred Bronze Stars for Valour and Meritious Service while ten months ago the army was at 13000.

And I happen to think the antiwar Kerry is just as important as the Vietnam vetern Kerry. As he said before the Senate in 1972 "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake."

UPDATE: Just remembered a blatant lie on Coulter's Dec. 22 column- she claims Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska is an Democrat. You would think after slandering all the Democrat Senators she would know them by heart. And for Coulter's information there is a large difference between using autopens for day to day letters and using tem to sign the letters of fallen American soldiers.


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