Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Martin and the Tamils

Martin has been taking some flack for his Sri Lanka visit. This is good example of a Martin style compromise which everyone leaves a little disgruntled. First he met with leaders of the Tamil National Alliance which happens to be closely allied with the notorious LTTE or the Tigers. This doesn't please:
a) Sri Lankan government officials
b) CPC (although its hard to please them)
c) U.S.A. (the Tigers are not a designated terrorist group under Canadian law)
d) Some of the few Sri Lankan Canadians who don’t like the Tigers

Now Martin might of flown in helicopter on a tsunami diaster sightseeing tour over Tamil controlled areas but he did not venture into the Tiger controlled areas. He also did not meet with any of the Tigers leadership. He did go to the Ampara region which does have a number of Tamils to visit our DART team. This doesn't please:
a) over 90% estimated 250,000 to 300,000 Tamils living in the GTA (And they all vote Liberal including Defense Minister Bill Graham who was the guy in the spotlight after the tsunami)
b) maybe the NDP although I couldn't find a statement on Martin's visit

So basically Martin skored another unexciting compromise that wont please anyone but won't cause any long term consequences. Congrats Paul on showing just how exciting being a Liberal is. And while I'm at it congrats to the eager young CPC members who stood up us all by relentlessly questioning Judy Sgro on her taste in strippers, congrats to the glorious NDP who fought for the common man by introducing a motion which will allow for a vote on banning transfats to happen at some unspecfied point in time and good job to the Bloc for being good Frenchmen (or Frenchwomen or in Bernard Cleary's case a good First Nations/Native/Aboriginal/Indian Frenchman). There, if Canadian politics gets anymore gripping I wont be able to let go of my desk.


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