Friday, January 14, 2005

Submarine Crashes into Mountain

Yah I know its a dramatic title. Looks like the USN got lucky on this one.
The crash happened on Saturday but the full extent of the damage to the
submarine and its crew only emerged yesterday. Sailing for Australia, the San Francisco was travelling at 30 knots — some 35mph — at a depth of 400ft when it hit rock. The impact produced a “nearly instantaneous deceleration” to about four knots, according to a leaked e-mail from a top admiral. [source]
Pravda has an interesting prespective on this accident. But I must say the men (and women in the Canadian Navy) of submarines have the toughest jobs in any navy and preform extremely well. Rest In Peace Machinist Mate 2nd Class Joseph Ashley and Lieut. Chris Saunders of Canadian Navy who became the first Canadian submariner since 1955 to die while on duty.


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