Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bush Smoked Weed?

CNN was hot on this story. Doesn't really surprise me, in fact who gives a shit? Of all things to get excited at Bush for smoking the ganja is not one of them. Hell if anything he should start toking B.C. Bud in the Oval Office he might chill out on his aggressive military fantasy who laid out with all the sprit of Wilson in his inaugural address.

Considering the fact that some Canadians voted alcoholics Ralph Klein and Gordon Campbell who are currently premiers of Alberta and British Columbia respectively. Klein being the one who verbally assaults homeless people while plastered and Campbell being the one who was so wasted he couldn't barely stand after being pulled over by an Hawaiian police patrol. Even though Bush might have been an alcoholic till 1985 and he did drunkenly drive his car into a bush; it seems he found God and all that good stuff so let’s not make a big deal about that one. (hee hee Bush drove into a bush)

There are more serious things to worry about his past would be: insider trading, desertion from duty while defending the skies of Alabama from the Viet Cong in an obsolete jet, his record as the American governor that ordered the largest number of executions in American history, and of course cocaine use rumors but at least he didn't succumb to the charms of hillbilly heroin like Rush. And let’s not forget his administration is littered with neocons that control the civilian broad of the Pentagon and his administration very cozy ties to the energy, defense and other noble war profiteering industries.

So in conclusion there has to be a campaign to get Bush to start smoking the stickiest of icky again. I mean the future of the free world depends on it eh? I'm sure Mark Emery is up to the challenge.


Blogger Rick Barnes said...

If only our Premier would follow your advice to George Bush. Perhaps he would end his war on the poor and working people that belong to a union.

12/3/05 16:21  
Blogger weech said...

Yah true but the chances of a politician listening to regular people is very slim. Hopefully British Columbians can uncermoiusly throw Campbell out on May 17.

12/3/05 21:40  
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