Sunday, January 30, 2005

ICP election musings

I guess election results will be a time coming but I'm interested in how the Iraqi Communist Party fared in this election. They are one of the few parties that are for full woman's rights and call for unity among all Iraqis regardless of ethnicity or religion. And better yet to me they have fewer links with the Americans. Interestingly they happen to be antiwar when it came to the American invasion unlike the well funded and organized expatriate groups.

Obviously the Americans would not let a Communist Iraq come into being and I doubt they will get widespread support among more religious Iraqis however high their support runs among the more secular portion of society. But if they manage to gain any significant number of seats lets say above 20 then their presence can only be positive. Certainly as a voice of anti-occupation, anti-terror, pro-worker (unemployment is still huge and is main destabilizer), pro democracy and pro women the ICP as a role to fill.
UPDATE: If anything I may have underestimated the Communist showing in the election. This article suggests the ICP could have won over 25% of the vote in some Shiite areas. Of course the Communist would be allied with the Kurds who most likley won 25% of the seats. The article did ignore the ICP's anti-occupation voice but it did bring up a good point about the party having no ties to Iran. Some nationalist Iraqis are probably not too happy about SCIRI (Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq) and other Shia exile parties strong ties to Iran. Siminarly the nationalist are not too pleased with experiates such as Allawi leading many secular parties with their strong American and CIA ties.


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