Wednesday, February 23, 2005

MSM Remembers That the Pope is Still Alive

Again I am forced to credit CNN with this stellar piece of reporting. Karol Wojtyla aka. that Pope guy shows he is still on the top of the game. Now I know that gay marriage is:

Part of a new ideology of evil, perhaps more insidious and hidden, which attempts to pit human rights against the family and against man.

Yes the great battle between human rights and mankind is sure to come. Well I guess he is entitled to that opinion. About abortion Pope John Paul II says:

There is still, however a legal extermination of human beings who have been conceived but not yet born.

lright that's true if you consider the embryo a human being. Again I must dissent with my fellow Pole here, as with the Church's ridiculous stance against condom use particularly in AIDS infested Africa. But here comes my point, I do like the Pope to some extent in particular his anti-Communist views that helped give encouragement to the 1982 Solidarity union movement in Poland are admirable and perhaps brave if you take the position that his assassination attempt was a Communist plot okayed by Moscow. But, what I like most is his consistency.

Perhaps since his is unelected and doesn't have to be held accountable his views never have change just to piss off less people. Quite unlike any politician. So a fertilized egg is an human being that shouldn't be touched? Fine Pope Man you agree with most of the 'Christian Conservatives' that form the bedrock of Bush's base. Wait Pope aren’t you also against the killing of fully developed human beings in the gorefest that is Iraq?

When war, like the one now in Iraq, threatens the fate of humanity, it is even more urgent for us to proclaim, with a firm and decisive voice, that only peace is the way of building a more just and caring society.

And apparently he:

implored for the world's deliverance from the peril of the tragic clash between cultures and religions.

And said this:

Violence and arms can never resolve the problems of man.

Hmmmmm Dang Pope you’re out of touch with 'real Americans' like the 'super radical' Howard and his comrades in the socialist hellhole which is today's American Democrat party. Now it sounds like the Pope is a hippie from the above the statements but I respect how consistent and honest his views are on all these societal issues.

I do find it interesting that CNN feels it needs to report these particular quotations but ignores his daily calls for peace and end to military aggression. During the Gulf War I the Pope spoke out against the war an astounding 56 times. American MainStream Media somehow forgot this little fact probably they were too busy rehashing White House and Pentagon propaganda (whoops press statements I mean) and trying to make it look like reporting. Although give credit where credit is due FOX did report the Pope immediate comments on GWII.

From what I have seen the Pope is a hellsza decent defender of Christians worldwide from persecution even if it’s from the American military. Take the case of the not especially admirable Tariq "I never killed anybody in a direct act" Aziz. (Good job Tariq after WWI I'm sure Hitler never killed anybody in a direct act just as I'm positive Bush hasn't ever killed anyone in the skies of 1970s Alabama.) But anyway the Vatican gave the Saddam era deputy Prime Minister and good Catholic boy Tariq Aziz it's 'unofficial support' in his legal defense by providing Italian lawyers free of charge.

So hang on there Pope John Paul II and don’t retire because that would break tradition. At least we'll always agree that war is inherently evil and ultimately will offer no solution in this world of ours.


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