Sunday, March 27, 2005

Cuba Action

When I was growing up in an American school system listening to all the Elian media frenzy and later reading Tom Clancy novels I always got the impression that Cuba was some sort of Communist dictatorship gulag hellhole but with much nicer weather then the former Soviet Union. But then I came back home to Canada and I learnt Canada and Cuba were actually pretty good friends. And after reading more and more on Cuba I have come to think very favorably on it. So favorably in fact I'm planning a trip there this summer to see it for myself.

Over 450,000 Canadians visit Cuba every year making it the 5th most visited foreign destination. Quite impressive so accordingly we are the number one source of tourism into Cuba. I don't feeling like waxing on about Cuba's achievement in health, social and athletic areas by I find it interesting that most American republicans and by extension Canadian conservatives can find any good words to describe Castro's Cuba. I mean on the information superhighway I find several aspects of Cuban life that most conservatives could admire.

1. No Pornography- if you they find the Hustler you forgot in your baggage it is confiscated and you're custom file is marked so you are required to be searched every time you enter Cuba.

2. Profiling (spilling into racial profilling at times). Race relations in Cuba are probably more stable then American or Canadian race relations because even a good communist can still be a racist. But nonetheless there is definite focus on men between 16-22 and they are often stopped by the Po-lice.

3. Heavy police presence. Cuba's solution to many problems seems to be prevention and it is no different with policing. Apparently it is hard to not find a police officer on a corner in Havana.

4. I was going to write about harsh prisons but I came up with this on Google. But if that lady is tripping and Cuba does have gulag standards as deplorable as American gulags then Conservatives can’t really complain because they want Yankee prisons to be even more inhumane. There are horrible jails in Cuba but the US military in Guantánamo control them. At the very least Cuban prisoners are at least told what their crime is before being tossed into the hole.

5. Family life- and no television culture. Television is only available at certain times within the week. So certainly no Janet Jackson's evil nipple scaring young children's minds. Same with the insidious gay agenda promoting Sponge Bob and bunnies visiting lesbian couples.

6. One Party Rule- Ok this isn't an official Republican goal but they have achieved it because of their hold on three branches of government and the media. Its not like the Democrats are a respectable opposition party since I found Kerry more right wing then Bush esp. on foreign policy. And too be fair the Communist party of Cuba doesn’t nominate anyone because it isn't allowed to. Only the Cuban people themselves can nominate their neighbors and campaigning cost 0 dollars cause you cant too much of it.

7. Hard on Drugs. Cuban authorities take the war on drugs fairly seriously it seems.

8. Tough on Prostitution. Although prostitution is making a comeback Castro doesn't seem too pleased about it.

So basically Cuba gots the Conservative law enforcement skills. I haven’t even gone into their war on terror and counter-revolution. No wonder Republicans don’t like Cuba holding those 75 'dissidents' because they allow them conjugal visits. Imagine them giving Padilla a conjugal visit. But hey that guy would probably just settle for a trial. Hell even the U.S. State Dept admits there is no extrajudicial murder and disappearance in Cuba. Too bad they can't say the same for Israel and themselves.

Its an interesting situation Cuba is in with the embargo. The embargo and the DMZ in Korea are probably the last visages of the American Cold War policy. While the DMZ makes sense the blockade is just stupid.

Peter Philips, of the Conservative Cato Institute, reported:
Cuba's leading human rights activist Elizardo Sanchez calls it "an odd way to demonstrate support for human rights." Cuba's Catholic bishops call it "cruel." And in the hundreds of interviews I have conducted across the island, I have never met a Cuban citizen who supports it.
At least it’s for democracy and self-determination an all that jazz.

Those dissidents and human rights groups in Cuba--that are nothing but a fewpeople--are only important to the extent that they serve us in a single cause:that of destabilizing Fidel Castro's regime.

Through those two policies--economic pressure and human rights--we want to force the overthrow of Fidel Castro and then install a transitional government that we like--to reinstate the people we want and, thus control Cuba once again.

--Wayne Smith, former head of the US Interests Section in Havana

Whoops never mind. Silly me, thinking Amerika doesn't want their Cuban economic colony reinstated. Well I'm looking forward to the Communist hellhole which is Cuba. Should be a party though. Gotta learn some Spanish so we can hitch rides on the back of trucks. Apparently for hitch hiking Cubans line up by the side of the ride according to need. -Does it get anymore Communist then that? I sort of doubt it.


Anonymous TS said...

Cuba is awesome, they kick our ass at every summer olympics! Well practicaly everyone kicks our ass, but not India and they have almost a billion people so I guess I don't fell so bad. But yeah, cold war politics are a little stupid if you ask me, and wait isn't china that largest commonuist country in the world? So why are they trading with them, oh yeah i forgot the US is run by gready ass mofos.

28/3/05 08:11  
Blogger weech said...

Yah Cubans are hellsza decent at sports-

And hey the Americans are able to trade with North Korea which has like over 10% of their population in concentration camps but Cuba is just beyond the pail.

Gotta love it though and everywhere is ran by greedy ass mofos. Our mofos are slightly less greedy because the Canadian working class has been able to exert more influence then the American workers. But times are a changing. Esp. with Campbell, Klien, Harris, Charest, Steve Martin, and Paul Harper (hard to tell the last two apart).

28/3/05 08:43  
Blogger .:/\r0n:. said...

We could deffinatly take a lesson from Cuba these days.

Whatever though.

The strategies of the current administration coupled with the absolute (and proven) futility of a zionist controlled two party system will prevent the morals of said lessons from ever being learnt.

29/3/05 22:35  

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