Friday, April 29, 2005

Summer Action

Well I pack up my internet in a few hours and I’m done my first year of university. I may post sporadically during the summer because I'll be up north treeplanting. After that its Cuba time just gotta hope Fidel is still alive by that time eh.

I was thinking about signing up with the Blogging New Democrats but I’m guessing I'll be unavailable to do any serious blogging in the run up to now anticipated June 27 election. But if by some miracle Martin manages to hold on until the fall I will certainly join for the election coverage then.

So for the summer if anybody stumbles across this humble and yet Hellsza Decent Blog then don’t worry I'll start her up again in mid-August.


Anonymous TS said...

Have a good one tree planting Aiden. I will miss your commentary on things; peace out until then!

30/4/05 22:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


18/8/05 15:35  

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