Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lorne Gunter- Partisan Hack

Not that this is news to anyone.

In the post-Jack Layton era, why is anyone surprised that the NDP is reverting
to form, drifting away from Layton’s centrist stratagems and back to its old
faculty-club radicalism? Already the contenders for the party leadership include
one candidate who has pledged to run on a high-tax platform, another who is
opposed to the biggest economic project in the country’s near future and a third
who is essentially acting as a surrogate for the Bloc Quebecois.

Apparently Layton is a centrist now that he's dead- not that being a centrist means that you are in Gunter's good books.

Brian Topp is a high-tax candidate now because he realizes decreasing state revenue streams is suicidal in today's economy. If someone hadn't reduced GST for short term political gain then the current federal deficit would be far less.

Thomas Mulcair, an anglophone and former English-rights lawyer, is now a scary separatist because he supports all of Jack Layton Quebec politics but he does so from Montreal with a French surname (spooky). It would be more respectable to Gunter's sensibilities if his name was Thomas Jones from Toronto.

But what struck me most was Gunter's complete and utter lack of understanding when it came to Peggy Nash and her opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline:

If nothing else, this latter stance shows just how far the NDP has moved
from its old role as a voice of private-sector unions to its new iteration
as a trumpet for ivory-tower, environmental and public-sector activists. Unions
for the Pipefitters, Operating Engineers, Laborers and
all want Keystone to go ahead. They understand that building
a continent-long pipeline would create tens of thousands of well-paying jobs for
tradepersons, skilled workers, labourers and truckers. But among the new caste
of democratic socialists, environmentalism trumps union-job creation. Theory
over substance. You might think a former CAW contract negotiator might see
through that, but apparently not.

Gunter is very hazy on unions and seems unaware that international borders heavily influence union policies. He points to union support from four major US-based unions who argue for the huge job creation potential IN THE USA. Sure Conservatives go to bat for American corporations all the time but except New Democrats to prioritize Canadian unions.

Nash is probably more concerned about the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union OF CANADA(CEP) or the ALBERTA Federation of Labour. The fact of the matter is that the pipeline will export tens of thousand of Canadian jobs and tie our bitumen market to a declining empire with a flat demand for crude.

Peggy Nash is simply agreeing with former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed and now she is a crazy leftist?

Andrew Nikiforuk has covered this in excellent detail.

Personally, Nash is the most appealing and as a bonus she favours Alberta's oil workers over American corporations. Gunter and the beloved National Putz doesn't like that but I don't think she's counting on their vote.

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